Thousands of reviews processed every day

To make online reviews an insightful resource the complete picture is necessary. Olery is constantly monitoring over 100 review websites visited by people from different countries and cultures. Our everyday challenge is to unify and analyze these different bits of information to make them truly useful.


Online reviews are rich on information

They contain not only a wide array of different ratings, but most also include written comments. Natural Language Processing technology such as sentiment analysis help us to understand what guests express in their own words.

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Unlock the potential

There are countless opportunities to make use of the Olery Review Data API, whether it’s just a simple widget providing information on the quality of a hotel or a complex discovery engine leading consumers to the prefect accommodation. If you are a provider of hospitality software you might want to help your customers to manage their online reputation or to improve their pricing and sales strategies.


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Case Study: Abu Dhabi

Problem: The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority felt that their hotel star classification system was out of touch with the real experience of guests.

Solution: Olery’s data is now being employed to monitor whether star rating and hotel quality experienced by guests are in line. If a hotel drops below a set threshold the authorities are alerted and an inquiry is started. By taking online reviews into account Abu Dhabi was able to turn the star classification system into a meaningful quality indicator for tourists.

Example: hotel location ratings plotted on map of Amsterdam

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