Olery analyzes online guest reviews – thousands every day

Day by day visitors write countless reviews about hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, attractions and activities on the internet. Individually they may only be interesting to business managers. Aggregated, however, they reveal al lot about your destination.
What the strengths and weaknesses are. What trends stand out. Who the visitors are.


Keep an eye on your hospitality industry

Our reports & online tools tell at a glance what the strengths and weaknesses of each hotel or restaurant are. Uncover which properties are hurting the reputation of your destination and jointly work on improving the guest satisfaction.


Know your destination’s visitors better

Traveler reviews provide much more than only ratings – they can uncover the reasons why visitors come to your destination, their activities, age and origin. Our real-time visitor insight are the perfect addition to your conventional tourism research. 


Benchmark against other destinations

Do want to know how competing destinations are seen by their visitors? Do you want to find ways to make your destination stand out? Olery’s Destination Comparison Report can help you to analyze your position among a set of competitors.

Destination reports for the Middle East

Check out our guest experience reports for the destinations in the Middle East such as Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, etc.


Download reports




Realtime online dashboard

Besides reports Olery offers a comprehensive and interactive online research tool. This dashboard provides all available data in realtime and even let’s you drill down to the level of individual hotels.

Olery is touching the core of current issues in hotel classification systems with their solution

Wouter_Hensens Dr. Wouter Hensens, General Manager of Stenden University South Africa

“Thanks to Olery’s state-of-the-art technology and reliable platform we are able to create the world’s first hotel classification system that integrates guest reviews into its star rating system”

Omar_Al_Bishr Omar Al Bishr, head of the Licensing and Classification department of the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority