Convenient for guests - Olery Feedback

Convenient for guests

Your hotel’s suggestion box has been collecting dust for months now—yet your guests seem to have no shortage of things to say on Yelp. Help them find their words earlier on with Olery Feedback, our on-site product for guest satisfaction surveys— simple to set up, easy to complete, and will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating guests’ needs.

Customizable surveys

Start with our extensive database of ready-made questions, and simply drag and drop the ones you need into your custom survey. Add a visual flourish to customize it to your brand. In no time, you’ll have a polished hotel feedback survey ready to share with your guests

Customizable surveys - Olery Feedback


Indoor analytics

Do all the noise complaints come from the same room? Do 20-somethings wish the bar stayed open later? We break down the data so you can look into trends and identify patterns in a snap. You can also compare reviews across different hotel locations, confirming whether your guests are having a consistently pleasant experience.

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Make it your own

You know your hotel’s style and clientele better than anyone. Olery allows you to fully customise the look of your hotel survey, so it becomes a seamless part of your guests’ experience—not only matching your brand, but also fitting into the typical needs of your guests. Do most of them carry a smartphone? Place QR codes they can easily scan. Would they rather see a follow-up email back at home? Olery Feedback can do it all.


Make it your own - Olery Feedback

A format that works for you

Our feedback surveys can be distributed via email, linked in a QR code, or displayed on websites, mobile phones, or tablets. There’s no need to invest in a fleet of new devices—just choose the setup that works best for you and your guests.

A format that works for you - Olery Feedback

Speak their language - Olery Feedback

Speak their language

Guests can choose among eight different languages when taking our surveys—which makes their feedback even more reliable.

Instant acces to results - Olery Feedback.png

 Instant results

Survey responses are transmitted instantly to your dashboard, so you can respond on the fly.


Quick to set up - Olery Feedback

Quick to set up

No new gadgets, no manuals. Our products are designed to get you going right away.

Actionable insighs - Olery Feedback

Actionable insights

Use real feedback data to drive decisions about how you run your business.

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