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Simple online reputation management

Insights are just as likely to turn up online as they are in your suggestion boxes, and you need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping track of that information. Olery consolidates incoming reviews from social media sites to help you manage this—even when you’re tracking across multiple franchise locations.

Targeted insights

Even when you strive for consistency, each property in your franchise is bound to present unique challenges. Filter incoming reviews by location so that you can identify these issues even faster.

Targeted insights - Olery for groups

Data you can use - Olery for groups

Data you can use

Olery’s advanced tools for filtering through guest feedback will help you identify—and quantify—patterns in guests’ reported experience across a number of different areas of service. Look at the big picture, or focus on each individual property in your franchise—giving your managers the ability to do the same.

Impress with service

Olery’s dashboard reports online feedback and survey responses as soon as they’re posted, giving your managers and hotel staff the opportunity to address issues immediately—sometimes even before the guest has checked out—and further establish a reputation for great, thoughtful service.


Impress with service - Olery for groups

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Fully customizable

Our tools are easy to tailor to your own needs. Don’t need certain features? Want to be able to focus quickly on your three newest properties? Set your dashboard to show only the information you need—or create multiple dashboards that each focus on specific regions or areas of service.

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Intuitive setup

Our products are designed to be easy to use and set up, so you don’t have to waste time with hours of staff training or equipment installation. Each of your managers can take ownership of their own dashboards—so you’ll still see the essentials, while empowering each property manager to address specific issues and engage directly with their guests.


Intuitive set up - Olery for groups

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