Olery Review Feed API

Create Your Own Hotel Reputation Management Product

You build the product
We provide the data

Do you have hotel, restaurant or attraction customers? Offer them a Review & Reputation Management product right inside your application. Olery supplies you with all you need – online reviews, ratings and more.



Hotel Reviews from Across the Web

Olery captures online reviews published by guests from all major travel sites. All reviews are being analyzed for various data points, from ratings to the sentiment of the written comment. You don’t have to deal with scraping or API agreements.

Reliable API

All review content and data is available via a reliable API for you to import into your application. New reviews are captured every 12 hours and Olery automatically finds the property profiles on various review sources.

Check out our API documentation for details on data delivered.


Interested in working with Olery’s APIs? Get in touch

Fair, risk-free Pricing!

Pricing is based on the number of properties you receive data for. No setup fee. No initial investment. No long-term commitment. This way the business model scales with your customers’ demand.

What are the next steps?

  1. You get in touch, we discuss the details and provide you with test access
  2. You receive implementation access to the Review Feed API
  3. You build your reputation management product
  4. Once launched, you continuously provide us the details of the properties signing up and we make the data available in the API