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Hotel Reviews from Across the Web

Olery captures online reviews published by real guests from all major travel sites. All reviews are being analyzed for various data points, from ratings to the sentiment of the written content.



Relevant Ratings for Your Visitors

For each property, Olery aggregates the ratings from all available reviews. Besides the overall rating, there are ratings for various topics such as value or cleanliness.

Besides this, the ratings can be segmented by the origin of the guest and the travel composition (family, couple, business etc.).

What Previous Guests Mentioned

All review texts undergo a sentiment analysis, which reveals what guests liked and disliked about a property.

Use this data to provide detailed insights into the characteristics of a property.



Hotel Review Summaries

Help your visitors by providing a summary of the key points about a property based on review data.

Up-to-date Data for Hotels Worldwide

Olery covers more than 330.000 hotels worldwide. New reviews are captured within 7 days or less. All data is available via Olery’s Review Content API.


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