Reviews from 100+ online sources

Olery specializes in the near real-time collection and analysis of hotel reviews from websites around the world. Tap into this data trove to make your site or app smarter, more personalized and truly unique. Review data can enhance your search, sort and filter functionality or even deliver unique content.

Hotel Review Summaries

Based on our data we have created an engine which is able to summarize all on the Internet available reviews for any hotel. The summaries are always up-to-date, easy to comprehend and deliver exactly the facts you as traveler need to know about a hotel.

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Make use of the Review Data API

Through our powerful API you are able to access to review data for any hotel worldwide. Aggregated ratings and information extracted from the review texts can greatly enhance any ranking, sorting and filtering tools or power personalised offerings.

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Quick start with the Review Widget

You don’t have resources to implement review data right now? With our ready-to-use Review Widget you can enhance your booking site with hardly any development time.


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