Reports tailored to you

We believe in highly customised reports that provide relevant information. Because of the volume of hotel reviews as well as their diversity they are a great source of insights for various industries. The flexibility of the content and design of the reports allows for plenty of uses cases for this product. See it for yourself.

Example application by our customers

Location Popularity Evaluation

A hotel investment company determines by travellers preferred neighbourhoods through their rating of the location.


Competitor Analysis

Hotel groups use regular reports to compare their performance with those of competing hotels.


Monitoring performance

Tourism authority of a destination uses hotel performance reports to measure and monitor under-performing hotels and inspect them.


Prospect Identification

Various hospitality service providers identify prospects suffering from inadequate services through reports on their online reputation.

Helping you to define your needs

Working with new data sources can be tricky. That’s why we strive to support you from the get-go. By helping you to understand your needs we make sure, that we build a truly insightful report for you.

Please get in touch if you think review data might be of use for your company but not exactly know how.


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