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Have all the newest reviews about your hotel in a single review feed. No review will ever get past you unnoticed. Sort through the negative reviews faster than ever before.

Know where you stand among the competitors, at all times

Track your competition and understand your competitive edge. Gain a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors accross different areas.


Find out why different guests like different things


Leisure travelers and business travelers, families and youngsters – everyone experiences your hotel differently. From now on catering to each of them will not be impossible anymore.

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Ratings from multiple sources

Get an overview of your hotel’s reputation, gathered from 60 websites.

Real insights from scattered thoughts - Olery Reputation

Guest Experience Index

The more accurate counterpart of overall rating, taking into account integrity of reviews.


Generate PDF reports

Some of your colleagues may prefer reading the summaries in printed form. We’ve got you covered!

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