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Destination reports for the Middle East 2014-2015

Olery’s yearly report on the performance of the hospitality industries in the Middle East highlights the traveler’s preferred destinations. The report also reveals which countries were able to improve local hotel standards.

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Destination reports for the Middle East 2013-2014

Interested in getting to know about the guest experience performance in Middle East in the previous year? This report includes performance data on countries such as the Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, etc..

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Responding to Online Reviews

A condensed, one-page version of our guide to responding to online reviews. This cheat sheet provides several practical advantages as a quick reference guide that can easily be printed out.

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Cheat Sheet


How to Respond to Online Hotel Reviews

A Practical Guide

Reviews are an essential part of the modern traveler’s booking process. Hotels which embrace actively management them, see a great return on their effort. Writing professional management responses is a first step. This guide explains suggests an easy framework for doing so and offer useful tips and phrases. Download it now.


The Online Reputation of Belgian Hotels

Olery’s report on the hospitality industry in Belgium provides insights into how quickly the online review content for local hotels is growing. Furthermore, ratings for several destinations and hotels star classes are highlighted. The report also mentions the top 10 Belgian hotels in 2011. Download it here.


Everything a hotel manager should know about Online Reputation Management

Most of your guests use social media and review sites to inform potential guests on their hotel experience. All these comments create your online reputation. Therefore Olery offers you a concise guide that deals with the use of social media and review sites in hotels with regard to online reputation. Download it here.

Olery Review Sites Database

See the details on the most important international review websites in one place including TripAdvisor,,, Expedia, Priceline, and more. Go to the database.


Olery’s How-to Guides

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