Ratings from multiple sources

Olery collects data from around 60 review websites to provide a high volume of ratings and to ensure a complete picture of guest satisfaction.


Import anywhere

Thanks to the highly compatible format you can use the data in any analytics tool of your preference without any limitations.



Large variety of categories

Discover valuable subratings to gain a complete picture of the level of satisfaction in the hotels and perform detailed analysis.

Answering all the essential questions…


…for Hotels and Hotel Groups

  • How does my rating compare with different hotels?
  • Among which nationalities is my hotel most popular?
  • Is my hotel mostly favoured by business travelers or leisure travelers?

…for Destinations

  • Which hotels hurt the good reputation of my destination
  • How do different nationalities rate the hotels in my destination?
  • Which hotels are the most favourite among families?



…for Asset Management

  •  How do the overall hotel ratings vary between different markets?
  •  Hotels in which neighbourhoods receive high location ratings?
  •  What is the impact of the recent renovations on the guest satisfaction?

Clients who already use our data

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What exactly do I get?


1 General hotel data

  • Hotel name
  • Guest Experience Index
  • Overall rating

3 Subratings

  • Room
  • Service
  • Cleanliness

2 Reviewer data

  • Language & nationality
  • Demographics
  • Travel type & composition

4 Review data

  • Sources
  • Number of reviews
  • Sentiment


Is there a limit for number of hotels I can request?

No. The only limitation is the amount of data your analytical software is able to process.


Are there different plans I can choose from?

We offer Monthly Subscription plan and One-Time Data. Monthly Subscription Plan ensures a monthly delivery of the CSV file into your e-mail address. A One-Time Data report will be delivered only once, containing data from a time period of your own choice.


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