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Hotels & Hotel Groups
Tools for reputation management & guest surveys

Online Travel Agencies
Enhancing OTA sites/apps with review data & content

Hospitality monitoring & marketing tools for DMOs, Tourism Boards & Authorities

Hospitality Service Providers
Performance tracking & prospecting tools for hotel-related providers

Hotel Software Providers
Data to build Online Reputation Management solutions



Review Data API
Access to data from millions of guest reviews

Hotel Review Content API
Content & data from real reviews for travel sites/apps

Review Feed API
Import reviews into your application

Review Data Exports
Ratings, reviews, demographic data – in CSV format

PDF Reports
Analyzed review data for your business

Reputation for Hotels
Online tool to monitor and manage online guest reviews

Feedback for Hotels
A simple survey tool to gather real insights from guests

Technologies we employ


Review Mining
Extracting reviews from websites around the world


Natural Language Processing
Understanding what travellers write about


Guest Experience Index
Creating a reliable index for hotel performance